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China News 08/2015 (Page 10)

A Big Week In Big China
The Chinese markets closed the month of August with a loss of 0.8% on the day and a loss of slightly under 13% for the month of August. The August monthly loss follows a loss of 14% in July and is also the third straight month of losses for the Chinese ...

China to continue to grow in near future
BUENOS AIRES, Aug. 30 (Xinhua) -- Experts say that China's economy will continue to grow at rates above global averages in the near future, despite market fears sparked this week by the yuan's dip and economic policy adjustments. Argentine asset ...

China takes federalism way further than the US, and is paying the price for it
The recent turmoil in the Chinese marketplace has shaken Western observers' faith in the government's ability to effectively manage the economy. While it's too early to judge the fallout from this downturn, it is an important reminder that China faces ...

China unveils high-speed rail line to North Korean border
China opened a new high-speed rail line to the North Korean border Tuesday as Chinese officials inch ahead with plans to encourage trade with their erratic neighbor. But some analysts see the new route more as a reflection of China's infrastructure ...

China Attacking Graft Hits Department Store Owner's Gift Cards
China's almost three-year long crackdown on official corruption has taken down high-ranking "tigers", swatted low-level "flies", and curbed sales of Swiss watches and high-end liquor. There's another casualty: gift cards. That's partly the reason ...

At China's big parade, North Korea's stay-at-home leader will be a no-show
YANJI, CHINA — When China celebrates its World War II “victory day” in a spectacular parade of military might Thursday, President Xi Jinping's “true friends” will be there. That includes Xi's closest Korean friend. Not Kim Jong Un, the leader of North ...

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