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How to Access Blocked Websites in China

When you travel to China, you will find many websites are blocked. The blocked websites include famous ones such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and many more. It's very inconvenient for people who have gotten used to visit and used those sites on a daily basis. Unfortunately there's no easy way to solve this problem at this moment.

To access blocked contents in China, many people has choosen to use VPN services. What is VPN? Basically, it's a service that allows you to encrypt your web activities so that your ISP will not be able to recogonize which sites you are visiting and thus cannot block those websites. 

There're many VPN services out there. Some of them are free, some of them are paid services. And their service qualities differ a lot. If you need to stay in China for a long period of them, it's advisable to use a paid VPN service. But which VPNs are the best VPNs? Especially which VPNs are the best choice for being use in China? is a website that tests and review VPN services from China. They have tested many VPN serivces for bypassing the Great Firewall of China (or, in Chinese, 翻墙). Based on their testing results, they have recommended a number of good VPN services. Below are some of their VPN reviews: ExpressVPN review, PureVPN review, 12VPN review, Hide My Ass VPN review, VyprVPN review etc. And they have some detailed instructions on topics such as how to visit Facebook in China with a VPN

With a good VPN service, hopefully you will be able to have a better Internet experience in China.