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Which VPNs Work Well in China

In China, you need a VPN to bypass the Great Firewall and unblock websites. However, most VPNs don't work in China. Which VPNs work well in China? Below are our recommendation for the best VPNs for China:

Which VPNs work well in China?

We all know that you need a VPN in China if you want to visit blocked websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and Google. Those websites are blocked by the so called Great Firewall of China and you won't be access them from any computer in China normally.

Why Many Websites Are Blocked in China?

The Chinese government does not want its citizens to have access to foreign websites where information and news can be found that might against it. Therefore, by using the so-called Great Firewall, it has been actively blocking foreign sites and services such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Gmail and many more.

How To Unblock Websites in China?

So far VPN turns out to be the best tool for unblocking websites and bypass censorship in China. As a matter of fact, many Internet users in China, including expats, international travellers as well as many local Chinese, use VPN on a regular basis.

Is It Easy to Use VPNs to Unblock Websites in China?

However, when it comes to use VPN in China, you should know that not all VPNs work the same. Many VPN services don't work in China at all because they get blocked or interrupted. The Great Firewall of China not only blocks websites, it has also been actively blocking/interrupting VPN services. As a result, most VPNs, including many very well-known big VPN brands, do not work in China at all. If you use those VPNs, you won't be able to get a good connection and thus can't access blocked websites in China.

Are There Still VPNs Working in China?

The good news is, there're some VPN services that are more reliable and work well in China. There are some VPN companies that focus their services for internet users in China. They have been actively developing new technology or applying new tricks to allow their VPN users in China to bypass the censorship of the Great Firewall. If you are interested in finding a good VPN to be used in China, below are some VPN services that you should consider:

Recommended Best VPNs for China:

Best VPNs for China

1. ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN is another well-known VPN provider that provide solid VPN services to China Internet users. Its speed and stability are both very impressive. You can use it on desktop computer as well as mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets.

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2. NordVPN:

NordVPN is a well-known VPN provider based in the United States. It offers a large number of VPN server locations to choose from. NordVPN works well in China. To fight the VPN blocking from the Great Firewall of China, NordVPN offers obfuscation protocols to help Chinese internet users.

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3. VyprVPN:

VyprVPN is a VPN service provider that has been providing VPN services for many years for users around the globe. It offers good VPN speed and reliable VPN connection at a resonable price. It even offers some special technology to bypass VPN blocking in China.

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4. PureVPN:

PureVPN offers good VPN service at a relatively low price. It has VPN servers in many different countries and locations around the world. PureVPN can be used on desktop computers and mobile devices and it works very well in China. Since PureVPN offers some VPN server locations in China, it can be used for the purpose of "VPN to China", or using a VPN to get a China IP address.

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Which VPNs work well in China? What are the best VPNs for China?

Tips for Using VPNs in China:

1. Try It Out First:

Since many VPNs don't work in China, when choosing a VPN, you should always try it out first. Fortunately many VPN services offers free trial periods or money-back guarantee policies so that their potential users can try their services first. If you find this VPN doesn't work well in China, you should cancel it without wasting your money.

2. Pay Attention To VPN Features & Restrictions:

When choosing a VPN, in addition to considering its performance and price, you should also pay attention to its features and restrictions. For example: How many VPN protocols are supported in this VPN? How many devices can I use to connect to this VPN at the same time? Does this VPN allow torrenting and file sharing? Does this VPN keep user logs?

3. Considering Getting A Backup VPN:

Since the Great Firewall of China has been actively blocking VPN services, even the most stable VPN service can sometimes get blocked and stop working for a period of time. Therefore, if using VPN is very important to you, you should considering getting more than one VPN accounts. If one VPN stops working, you can use the other ones temporarily.

4. Free VPNs Are Not Reliable in China:

To save money, many people try to avoid paid VPN services and use free VPNs instead. While free VPNs might be good enough in other countries, they are not reliable at all in China. First of all, most free VPNs have already been blocked in China. In addition, some free VPNs are not secure and might bring virus to your computers. Therefore, when choosing a VPN in China, paid VPNs are the best choices.


If you need to travel to China or think about moving to China, make sure you sign up for a good VPN service before you get there. There are some China VPN testing and review websites you can use to get a good recommendation (in Chinese: VPN推荐) When choosing a VPN, you should make sure that VPN is not blocked in China and offers good performance in China. With a good VPN, you can enjoy the Internet much more in China!